The award of up to $10,000 per year for tuition,
books or living expense

Robert H.Douglas

Robert H. Douglas was an electrical engineer, computer scientist, and later in his life - professor at DeVry University and Arizona State University. He counted among his many achievements a significant number of patents. He also spearheaded the creation of many international electronic standards that today underpin modern digital network communication.

A huge believer in the power of education, he provided financial assistance to a number of talented Eastern European students in the US, some of whom have moved on to become top professionals in their fields and prominent members of their communities. His friends and family took a decision to honor his memory through the continuation of these efforts. An endowment was thus created to fund the R.H. Douglas scholarship program.

The R.H.Douglas scholarship seeks to support candidates with strong long-term potential for professional achievement in the business, legal, or political fields, as well as a solid set of core values. To become eligible, applicants must attend one of the top 20 global universities, and be citizens of Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, or Russia.


Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Polish
or Russian citizenship
Acceptance or enrolment at one
of the Eligible Schools
Track record of strong academic achievement (GPA over 3.0).
Strong leadership potential, values and motivation.
Demonstrated financial need.
Career plan in business, law or public service.

Eligible Schools

Princeton University (USA)
Harvard University (USA)
Yale University (USA)
Columbia University (USA)
Stanford University (USA)
University of Chicago (USA)
Duke University (USA)
University of Pennsylvania (USA)
Georgetown University (USA)
(USA) Dartmouth College
(USA) Northwestern University
(USA) Brown University
(USA) Cornell University
(USA) University of California - Berkeley
(UK)   Cambridge University
(UK)   Oxford University
(UK)   London School of Economics
(UK)   London Business School
(France) INSEAD


The program targets disbursement
of up to USD 10,000 per year.
Individual award sizes will vary depending
on the selected number of finalists each year.
Minimum award size:
USD 2,000.
The award can be used for tuition,
books, or living expenses.
Successful finalists may reapply
for up to five years.
Undergraduate or graduate
level accepted.
Select candidates may be offered mentorship
by one of the program trustees. Candidates are
free to accept or decline this offer.
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